Choose the right Office Furniture

Many people spend most of their working life in an office, either on-site, or working from home. You want to ensure that your office furniture fits your space, fits your style, and fits your body. If your office furniture is mismatched, ugly and uninspiring, it will lead to you not wanting to come to work. If it doesn’t fit your body, it can lead to lifelong pain and discomfort.

Office Choice has a huge range of office furniture to suit different styles, different-sized spaces and different functions. We have office chairs, some with lumbar support, and some you can lift and raise with the pull of a lever.

This article will help you choose the best furniture for your office, from Office Choice.

Assess Your Office Needs

The first step in this process is not to go and buy furniture. Crazy, we know! You need to understand what your office needs, and how you work, then find the furniture that serves you best.

There is no point in having a large desk that takes up a lot of room if you only use a laptop and save all your work in the cloud.

Ask yourself some probing questions:

  • Do you spend much time sitting and working on your computer?
  • Do you work from a laptop or a desktop computer?
  • How many screens do you have?
  • Do you have physical files you keep?
  • Is there a communal printer, or do you need space for your own printer?
  • Are you on video calls a lot?
  • What is the space like? White and light, or dark and dingy?
  • Is there a lot of foot traffic in your office?
  • What is the vibe of the office? Corporate or creative? Sharp corners or curves?

These questions can help you decide the kind of chair you purchase, how big the desks will be and where they may be placed in your office. You can consider the colour of the furniture, what the background behind you will look like, and much more.

Consider Your Workspace

If you’re working from home, this is an easy thing to do. How will you decorate and fill your working space? If it is a part of your larger house, do you want to match your current design style or make it starkly different?

If you share a workspace or are considering an office with lots of people, then you have other concerns and things to think about.

  • Individual ergonomic needs versus the need to coordinate and give your office a cohesive style and feel.
  • How many people work in the space? Can they desk share, or do you need desks for each person?
  • Do different roles need different desk setups? More filing cabinets for that team, more desk space for multiple monitors?
  • Limited space will decide the size of desks and shelving.
  • What does the foot traffic look like? Can you style the office layout to allow an easy walk-through and flow of people?

Determine Your Budget

How much can you spend on fitting out your office? What furniture can service your needs, work with your layout and match your style and personality, and fit within your budget? Do you have any wiggle room in that budget for extra items? Do some teams need more expensive furniture, and does that mean you sacrifice other office furniture?

Choose Your Furniture

There are three main areas of office furniture you would focus on when fitting out your office- chairs, desks and storage.

Office Chairs

If you spend many hours with your butt on a chair in the office, you need to ensure that it is comfortable, supportive and functional.

Do you need armrests or prefer to be able to get in and out of your chair quickly? How about the option to raise and lower your chair? We have chars with levers to adjust the height, seat tilt and back tilt.

Will your staff need chairs with wheels to scoot around the office?

It is also important that you sit in a chair before buying it. What looks good on a website might be uncomfortable when you sit down on it.

Office Desks

Your desk is the hub of activity for where you will work. You might have a standing desk without a chair, or a small nook in the corner big enough for a laptop and a cup of coffee. Whatever it is, we have a desk that will fit you just right.

Don’t buy the biggest desk possible just because you want desk space. Often, the more flat space you have, the more room for clutter.

How many monitors do you use? Do you need storage on your desk or beneath it? Does your office hotdesk, or are office desks a permanent feature?

Which came first- the office desk or the office chair? You need to ensure that they complement each other.

Office Storage

How much storage do you need? If all you’re doing is saving files on the cloud, then the answer is- not that much.

If you need storage for printer paper, stationery, files and folders of clients, make the space available in your office, and prioritise that space before purchasing too many desks.


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