How Choosing an Office Chair Can Affect Your Work

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How choosing an office chair can be a bit bamboozling. There are so many chairs out there – ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, boardroom chairs, high back chairs, and standard computer chairs. Some chairs seem quite similar to each other yet are sold under a different name. Confusing, huh? So how do you make your way through the puzzle of choosing an office chair? Reading reviews of different chairs may not be much help, because everyone’s body is different. This means what’s comfortable to one person may not be so comfortable for another. The best option is to choose a chair that is highly adjustable to your body, with a chair material that breathes easily in summer. In this blog, we’ll discuss some adjustable features of the ideal office chair and how they can affect your work.

Adjustable Height

You simply won’t be comfortable if your chair is not set at the right height, so adjustable height is paramount in an office chair. This is because your chair height will impact the level of your eyes and the alignment of your neck to the computer screen. If you’re slouching forwards to see your screen, this can create fatigue in your body and a poor posture, which is bad for productivity.

Lumbar Support & Back Rest

Lumbar support – what does that mean? All it really means is that the chair supports your lower back properly and stops strain from occurring when you’re at your desk. Make sure you opt for an office chair where the lumbar support is adjustable, allowing you to customise it to your needs. Your backrest should always be adjustable, and you should be able to tilt it in any direction you need to gain maximum support.


Your chair should have appropriate cushioning so that it’s not too hard to sit on for long periods of time. The lumbar support should also feature cushioning to reduce pressure on your back. When your back is properly supported, you can better concentrate on working.

Arm Rests

When choosing an office chair, consider whether you need armrests with your desk set up. Sometimes they can be beneficial, while at other times they can prevent your chair from pulling in under your desk properly. This will often come down to personal preference, so have a think about what you would like.

Swivel, Wheels & Chair Mats

When you’re working at your desk, you want to make moving easy for yourself so that you don’t have to move in unnatural positions that could injure your back. Choosing a chair that swivels freely and moves easily on wheels will help you with this. Chair mats offer a surface that is easy for moving on with your chair, preventing back and leg strain.

Need to Choose an Office Chair?

At Office Choice, we can help you choose the right office chair for you. Many of our office chair models are fully adjustable so you can change their settings to suit your body. Browse our range online or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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