Saving You Time And Money

  1. Expertise and Experience: Our team possess a wide range of skills and has access to a wealth of knowledge from our supplier partners, whom we have built positive relationships with; they are always just a call away.
  2. Credible Pricing: We manage our pricing based on our costs, meaning our margins are consistent, so we may not have the loss leaders at the front of the shop. But you will know we will not be ripping you off in the back. 
  3. Strong Customer Support: Our team are committed to making it easy to make your purchases, which benefits both of us, right? Whether you need to give us a call or prefer to reach out via email, we will always be ready to assist.
  4. Innovation and Up-to-Date Solutions: It should be easy to buy business supplies. When you become a Fetch customer, you will discover how simple it can be. Our systems utilise the latest technologies with this goal in mind. 
  5. Proven Track Record: For over five years, we have supplied Outback Stores with an increasing range of products to support their 50 remote stores. We provide a limited product range on the website, initially for just 40, but now it is over 100 products. We are simplifying purchasing and reducing purchase errors for the stores. 
  6. Flexibility and Consistency: Fetch dispatches your orders from our local Darwin warehouse in full and on time. If we cannot deliver an order in full, we will contact your team to determine delivery priorities, whether in full or on time.
  7. Reliability and Trust: Our customers rely on us to deliver and support their teams to excel. Our reputation is one of trustworthiness and ethical business practice.

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