Picking the Perfect Work Desk for Your Home Office

Choosing the Perfect Work Desk for Your Home Office


So, you need a home office. One of the most important aspects is work desks for home office use. How do you choose the right desk for your home office? There are a number of considerations to keep in mind, including, your space size, the necessary functionality of the desk, what configurations you need, and whether you want multiple stations to work at. There’s also your budget to consider, as well as the colour scheme. This blog post will dive deeper into each of these issues to help you choose between different work desks for home office use.

Space Size

Before you go out and buy a new desk, have a look at the space you’ll be using for your home office. Is it a large or small space? You want to scale your desk in proportion to the space size. A larger antique desk or executive desk may suit a bigger space, while a corner desk may be better suited to a smaller space.


Functionality is concerned with how you’re planning on using the desk. Work desks for home office use aren’t all built with the same function in mind. Will you be writing by hand in a journal at the desk, or typing things up on a laptop? Will you be creating art at the desk? How much room will you need on the table top to do what you need to do?

Multiple Stations

Perhaps you’re sharing your home office with your partner and you need multiple stations to work at. This is something you need to plan before you go out and buy a desk, as it could be more convenient and budget friendly to buy desks for two rather than two separate desks. Do your homework and find out what works best for you.


What is your budget? How grand do you want your desk to look? A large antique desk won’t be as affordable as a corner desk, while ergonomic desks with all the must-have features may also be pricier. Consider what your needs are and which desk will suit those needs at a price you can easily afford.

Matching the Décor

Does your home office room double as a spare bedroom? Is there existing furniture in the room that you need to match? How about the wall colours – do they need to be taken into account when you buy your work desk? Simple colours match with most things while bold colours are harder to match, so choose wisely.

Need a Desk to Suit Your Surroundings?

We have a great range of desks of all shapes and sizes right here at Office Choice. Browse online to see what we have, or if you have a question, email us at [email protected].


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